09 April 2006

\/\/00t, an update.

Its been a while since I last updated. The JAARS blog is about 3 entries from done-ness. I might get around to it this weekend but I've been pretty busy hanging out with people, which kind of needs to change because I'm a little behind in some of my labs. Flying is coming along, we've stopped the Skyhawk stuff because the MN trip didn't happen, so I'm working on finishing 15 hours of Duchess cross country time. I flew to San Antonio and back last night, that was a 4.6 hour flight. On the way back, we saw a line of thunderstorms off our right wing. There was lightning flashing in the clouds almost continuously, which was AWESOME, like God's fireworks show just for us cruising along at 11,000 feet. Right now all I have left is about 3.4 hours, hopefully take care of that Wednesday with a trip to Houston and back. Summer plans are *Godwilling* firming up. I am planning on working for Pride Aircraft in Rockford, Illinois as a mechanics assistant and line person. I am waiting to get some confirmation in writing so that I can show up there guaranteed a job. I do have a place to live though, which is good.

Feeling kind of blah. I guess some of it is coming down from a high of JAARS. Also, musical worship lately=leaving me bored. I realize that songs are only part of worshiping God, and that I worship by doing well what I do (flying and turning wrenches) but I believe music is important. It's been a while since I heard anything that makes me want to sing out loud and jump up and down. Maybe its just a reflection on my own life. It would be really nice to hear some rowdy, live, worship music though.

Finally, I'm amazed at how fast this year in school has gone. It seems like yesterday I was pulling in to campus and moving in. Random thought, its been almost exactly 2 years since I came to April Edge (early registration at LeTU) and decided on LeTourneau....My, how my life has changed since then. Something I'm thinking about as the semester draws to a close, I'll probably make a long, contemplative post somewhere around finals week. Anyway, time for me to hit the sheets, church tomorrow...umm...later today.


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