04 March 2006


Well, here is the tentative plan for the flight to St. Cloud....
Leaving about 9 AM on Friday, March 24.
KGGG-GGG-V289-FSM-V13-KEOS: 278 Nautical miles.
Get fuel in KEOS (Neosho, Missouri).
KEOS-V13-KDSM: 280 Nautical miles.
Get fuel in KDSM (Des Moines, Iowa)
KDSM-V13-MCW-KSTC: 252 Nautical miles.
Land in KSTC (St. Cloud, Minnesota). Total: 810 Nautical miles.
As for the way back, I think I'll plan VFR, so direct KSTC-KDSM, KDSM-KEOS, and KEOS-KGGG.

Here is a picture of what it looks like in my nifty flight planning program.

PS: Thank God for friends. JAARS is soon...


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