24 March 2006


The JAARS Blog is half done. Check it, or Facebook, for pictures of the trip. And if you haven't already, check out the Skillet vid. The new CD (out August apparently) shall rock. I will hopefully be working in Cedar Rapids, Iowa this summer building experimental/homebuilt aircraft with Alpha Omega Aircrafters. That will be nice, because it's only about 5 hours from home and about 5 from Oshkosh.

11 March 2006


Well, here I am...getting ready for bed. The gang from LU heads out to Waxhaw, NC tomorrow at 5 AM to work at JAARS!!! I am really excited, and a little nervous....please pray for all of us, for safe travel, that we don't break anything expensive, and that we do good work. For me specifically, pray that God would use the trip to shine some light on what He wants me to do with my future. Also, that it would be a chance for me to take a break from school and get closer to God.

09 March 2006


I left my dorm this morning for Carbs lab, and instead of the usual sunrise, this is what greeted me.....

08 March 2006

Vote for Will!!

My brother Will entered a film contest with our home newspaper. VOTE!!!!

04 March 2006


Well, here is the tentative plan for the flight to St. Cloud....
Leaving about 9 AM on Friday, March 24.
KGGG-GGG-V289-FSM-V13-KEOS: 278 Nautical miles.
Get fuel in KEOS (Neosho, Missouri).
KEOS-V13-KDSM: 280 Nautical miles.
Get fuel in KDSM (Des Moines, Iowa)
KDSM-V13-MCW-KSTC: 252 Nautical miles.
Land in KSTC (St. Cloud, Minnesota). Total: 810 Nautical miles.
As for the way back, I think I'll plan VFR, so direct KSTC-KDSM, KDSM-KEOS, and KEOS-KGGG.

Here is a picture of what it looks like in my nifty flight planning program.

PS: Thank God for friends. JAARS is soon...