25 February 2006

Foggy week!

So the weather in EasTex this week has been horrid...low, low clouds and fog every day. I think Tuesday and Wednesday the ceilings never went above 500 ft. and the visibility never went over 1 mile. Yesterday the sun came out for a beautiful sunrise, tinted the bottom of all the clouds pink, then went behind the clouds for the rest of the day. I wished I had my camera while going to Carbs lab.

I am getting super pumped to go to JAARS!!! Our team is (for the most part) awesome and it will be a riot spending a week with them. I really hope we get to do lots of actual work on the airplanes.

Finally, it looks like I will be flying the Duchess back to MN the weekend after spring break. If you think about it, pray for me as I will be planning this massive thing and we really need the weather to cooperate. I hope everything does work out, it would be really nice to see my family and certain other people

Pictures from fog....

The Sabreliner

King Air...it was soo cold and wet laying on the ground to take this shot.

Cessna 310

The view out my window.

19 February 2006

Gloomy day.

A picture from flying on a gloomy day...I was about 900 ft. below the clouds at the nearest. It was great because it was in the 30s-40s that day and I ran into some occasional drizzle. Fun stuff.

Also, a random song lyric.
Kids in the Way~Scars That Save
Over and over your blood covers me.
How many times will it take me to see.
I am so dangerous.
I am so irresponsible.
Here I am, broken again, but then you show me,
you're wearing the scars that save.
How can you see me, as something so lovely.
Cause it's killing me that you took the blame.
Over and over it falls back to me.
My knees hit the floor and it's easy to see.
I am so arrogant.
I feel so unforgivable.
This is my same old song.
The one where I do it all wrong.
And I will try (fight) with all that I am to get it right in the end.

And a verse to go with it:
Isaiah 53:5
But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.


This is a xanga post from a couple days ago, blogger was disfunctioning when I wrote it so it didn't immediately go on here.

Random thought:
It's been a long time since I hung out with people who are passionate about what they do-especially learning about airplanes. I miss it. I love airplanes and learning about them, and wish there were more people around here who really enjoyed it, rather than just suffering through for the sake of a degree.
Other annoyance of the moment: Why can't I be nicer? Lately a lot of my "humor" has been based on insulting/making fun of people. It also comes out in little, belittling things I say. While its funny sometimes, and thank God my friends can all take a joke pretty well, I still feel like I haven't been as encouraging as I should be. Especially around the freshmen, I know I'm only a year older, but I still feel like I should be a better example/more encouraging. Whatever. Maybe these are just random late-night ramblings.
Finally, I've been thinking about the future...again...and talking...talked with Sarah about it a little (it was good to vocalize some of the doubts and confusions) but basically I love airplanes and aviation, but I have no idea where God wants me. I suppose that was a big part of why I'm going on the JAARS trip. Hoping God will use it to shine some light on my future.

Wondering. Missing. Hopeful.

03 February 2006


Hey look, it's me again.
Been an interesting week. I flew today, and it went really well. Tuesday night my car died. Well, to be specific, the clutch slave cylinder failed and puked out all my clutch fluid. Today I went and bought parts, and Ian and I fixed it. It's kinda quiet cuz Brian and Alissa are off on a cross country. I have very little homework, try to get it done tomorrow...Also, Sarah is off to northern MN for the weekend...so yeah, I'm pretty bored. I think I'll try to finish off Fellowship of the Ring, then go to sleep.
Oh yes, apparently I have a job. I didn't get the plane-washing job, but apparently I will be doing inventory tracking type stuff with airplane parts...should be fun. Guess I'll find out more this next week.
Hmm, that's really all I have to say for now.