30 January 2006

Quite a weekend

Well, this last weekend was quite interesting. I had a total of 1 item of homework to do-a carbs summary. I spent a lot of time hanging out with Brian (my roomie), Ian, Alissa, and Barbie. Yesterday after church and some work on the carbs summary I did a solo flight, practicing chandelles and steep spirals. It was fun! Brian, Alissa, and Barbie were up in another airplane for fun, and afterwards we and Ian went to Mr. and Mrs. B's house for real food...definitely beat paying through the nose for Hive or cooking up a frozen pizza. Then back here for the rest of the carbs summary and phone time :D
Saturday I bought the new POD CD, Testify. It's really good, I wonder if people will ever admit that POD is a Christian band...I think these lyrics make it pretty clear.

Strength of My Life
If Jah is for me, tell me whom I gon' fear? (no I won't fear)
And Jah of Jacob, deserving of my love
And God of Isaac, bring blessings from above
Hashem of Abraham will show me the way
I go down on my knees and this is what I pray.

Strength Of My Life, whom shall I dread?
When them evildoers approach to devour my flesh.
Even if there would be an army against me,
My heart would not fear.

Steer clear from weird vibes.
Chuck a spear these evil guys must realize,
Even if there would rise a war against me.
In this I trust, it's a must.
Elevated is my head, above my enemy.
Surround me with the song of glory
(Yeah, Song of glory, Yeah, ohhh)

Take away the scales from my eyes
Anoint your love upon my life
Have mercy on my soul and hear me when I cry
Do not abandon me, and don't forsake me
Lead me on the path of integrity

Even if there would be an army against me,
My heart would not fear.
Strength Of My Life, whom shall I dread?
When them evildoers approach to devour my flesh.

Back them up against the wall, stumble and fall then battle y'all
And stand tall, show me favor when I call Oh-oh
Back them against the wall, stumble and them fall
Battle y'all and stand call, show me favor when I call

Anyway, lab this morning was fun...being lab partners with Jamin always makes things interesting. The weather today is beautiful, as it was yesterday...I cannot help but feel that God is blessing me incredibly this semester, through friends, classes, His word, and even the weather. In conclusion, God is good...all the time...He was good last semester when I felt like crying after failing a stage check, and He is good this semester when I am enjoying Texas's beautiful January weather and a light schedule. Have a great day everyone!

23 January 2006

Flying and classes...woot.

Well, hello everyone. It's two weeks into the semester, and it looks to be the easiest one yet. This is a huge improvement over last semester, which was pretty much the worst semester I've had. The worst point was over Thanksgiving weekend, when I was in Longview, fell sick, and failed my first try at the final stage check for multi. Anyway, that's past now, and it's a new semester, with cool classes, fun labs, plenty of free time, and the prospect of a real job (meaning not tutoring).

In other news, on Friday I got to fly in one of LeTourneau's new Skyhawks with the Garmin G-1000 glass cockpit setup. It was way sweet. Spork rode with and took these pictures for the Yellowjacket.

In this one, I'm on final for runway 17 at KGGG-East Texas Regional.

This is me doing preflight under a gloomy sky, while standing in a puddle.

Finally, a sunrise over Davis Hall. On Tuesday and Thursday I have Carbs lab at 7:05 AM, so Sarah kept telling me to take pictures of the sunrise. It sorta turned out.

13 January 2006

Durch kreuz, zur krone.

So my church back home is old and has these cool stained glass windows, some of which have German phrases on them. This one I particularly like. The caption is "Durch kreuz, zur krone" which means roughly "Through the cross, to the crown". I think its cool because I like how it reminds me that only through the cross of Calvary can we reach the crown of Heaven. Good night for real this time.

Back at school

Well folks, I'm back at school with a new class schedule, new contacts (yay for being able to see again), and enough time to start rollerblading again. The rollerblading, combined with karate class, is making me wish I wasn't a lazy bum all last semester. I hope my legs arent too sore to walk tomorrow lol. I think this will be a relatively easy semester-hopefully I'll have plenty of time to devote to NIFA, tutoring, and possibly even a job (washing planes at the airport?).
The Friday before I came back here, Sarah came up to STC to visit. That was fun, for some reason I thought it worth mentioning. I guess because it was fun. Anyway, saying goodbye to her was sad cuz I don't know when I'll be back in MN. That's alright, TX is good too, though for other reasons. Mostly Dorm 41 and aviation. I can't wait for flight team to kick off again, nationals are the week after finals so we have loads of time to prep.

Some random stats from Facebook-
-1% of LeTU males put their political views as "liberal"
-4.1% of LeTU reads the Bible (keep in mind, you have to put it in just right for the program to get it. I sincerely hope its higher than that. though sometimes I wonder)
-The second most popular book after the Bible is Lord of the Rings. "LOTR" is also in the top 10.
Ok, so a random not-quite-pointless portion of this post. I'm trying to get back into some good habits this semester, i.e. not drinking pop, rollerblading daily, and more consistent Bible reading. It struck me how easy it is to put off these things (like reading the Bible or exercising) that really don't take much time, but make life so much better. Then when I start doing them again its like, "wow, why did I ever stop? That was dumb." It's definitely a more than fair exchange to take out 20 mins a day to rollerblade and often less than that to spend time reading and praying. The extra time for homework really isn't worth it, especially cuz its easier to concentrate once I have done other things. So anyway, that is my blog of the day. I think I will prepare to say good night to Sarah, and get some sleep. Yay for nothing before chapel tomorrow (well, actually today). Good night everyone.