25 December 2005

Christmas in Minnesnowta.

Merry Christmas everyone!
Friday: drove to the cities to hang out with Sarah. It was fun :) Then went to our pastor's house for Christmas treats and some games. I think it's safe to say that I owned at Mad Gab.
Saturday: Umm...Can't really remember what I did Saturday. Sat around the house I think.
Sunday: Went to the sunrise service (Julotta), then opened presents with the family, played lots of Army Men 2 on the computer, ate a big Christmas dinner with the family, went on a walk with the family incl. the dog.

So I've been feeling kind of...apathetic? lately. Music helps me feel. But time with God is best. I miss things like prayer and praise on Sunday nights at school. I do enjoy going to church in our beautiful old church building and worshiping with a smaller congregation. I also enjoy the friends here in MN.

Kids in the Way~Scars That Save

Over and over your blood covers me.

How many times will it take me to see.
I am so dangerous.
I am so irresponsible.
Here I am, broken again, but then you show me,
you're wearing the scars that save.
How can you see me, as something so lovely.
Cause it's killing me that you took the blame.
Over and over it falls back to me.
My knees hit the floor and it's easy to see.
I am so arrogant.
I feel so unforgivable.
This is my same old song.
The one where I do it all wrong.
And I will try (fight) with all that
I am to get it right in the end.
Anyway, good night all.

14 December 2005

One to go!

Well, as of Saturday I am a Private Pilot with single engine land, multiengine land, and instrument ratings. That's the big news in my life. Of course, the other is that I'm in the middle of finals week. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get good grades-I somehow pulled an A out of Bib Lit and with mercy from Pixie (our Recips grader) I'll have an A in that class. The only final I have left is Aerodynamics
Yesterday I went to the airport to sign some paperwork and brought my camera. On the way back to campus, I saw Jamin and Carter stopped by the road where the approach lights for one of the runways at East Texas Regional cross the road. There were two C-130 Hercules flying. The pictures speak for themselves.

09 December 2005

So ready to go....

Hey, it's midnight...why am I writing on this thing? Cuz it's been a while and I haven't updated. I am done with multiengine, just have to take the checkride. The sooner the better...gots to go to the airport tomorrow and work on paperwork. I can't wait to have that out of the way. As I told Sarah the other day, being done with flying will make slacking through finals week so much more fun.
So there were definitely about 10 people in my room tonight studying for the Recips test of death tomorrow. That was fun, other than the fact that we were studying for the Recips test of death.
GREAT NEWS PEOPLE! SKILLET WILL BE RECORDING A NEW ALBUM IN JANUARY AND FEBRUARY!!!! Ok, just had to share that. My favoritest band in the world is making new music, that makes me happy.
Woot for:
-if I do well on my Bib lit paper and final, I'll pull an A from a low B at midterms.
-cold weather, even if I'm gonna turn into a popsicle when I get back to MN
-The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe comes out today
-cool people at LeTU.
-cool people elsewhere
So yeah, thats it. I'm going to bed people.