27 October 2005


Well, today was my birthday. Thanks to the people who made it special:
-Sarah for the phone call :)
-My family for the message on my voicemail (they played and sang happy birthday) :)
-Dorm 41 for a cold, wet, smelly birthday present....the pond. :)
-the dozen or so random people on facebook who left birthday wishes :)
-And most of all God, because of Him I have this life and get to do so much that I enjoy.
I should go to bed, I have a 7 am flight tomorrow...

25 October 2005

Wisdom from Mr. Chase and Mr. B

In talking with ATC, just like in relationships, hinting leads to confusion. Ask direct questions.~Mr. Chase

Only in a world where faith is difficult can faith exist.~Mr. B

Is it wrong to get what we want? Only when what we want is wrong.~Mr. B

So LeTU has the coolest chief flight instructors in the world.

22 October 2005

Fall Break

Well, it's Saturday of fall break. I slept until noon, just got done writing a recips summary. I'm supposed to be at the airport at 5 to do a practice navigation flight with The Eugenius for NIFA. My plans for the weekend include lots of similar busyness.
I flew into Houston Intercontinental Airport Thursday night in the Duchess. It was way cool seeing all the lights of Houston at night. Last night I hung out with Jon and Andrew, it was good to have time to just chill for a little while. We watched Ocean's 11, it's a cool movie. I'd seen it before but it was a while ago.
I'd like to have some sort of a point to this post, so here we go. The weather today is absolutely beautiful!!!! I am so thankful to God for providing this after weeks on end of heat. Days like today (good weather, no classes, flying) rock.
This semester is going fast. Two things are coming up that make me excited-first, on Thursday is my birthday. I will no longer be a teenager!!! whoa! Second, Christmas break is less than 2 months away. I can't wait to go back to MN!!! Until then though, I'll do my best to enjoy the LeTU life. I'd best head out, so have a great weekend-even if it includes 14 hours of work on a Saturday... ;)

17 October 2005

Midterm madness

Well hey everyone, it is midterms season. I had a recips test online this weekend (nasty evil test), a powerplant electrical test today, and I have an aerodynamics test tomorrow. Oh yes, I am flying 2 cross country flights in the Duchess this week. This weekend was awesome, I went to Houston with David and Josh for Promise Keepers. It was fun and relaxing and spiritually uplifting. It was weird to be with an actual family in an actual home though. The thing I notice most when I go to other people's homes [especially if they only have like 2 kids] is how quiet it is. My home is almost always noisy. Awww dang, now I miss home. This summer was soooo awesome....All the studying and busyness is not leaving time for the things I like best about college...talking to people and hanging with the guys.

It really, really gets on my nerves when people complain a lot about LeTourneau. Yeah, it's not perfect. No school is. But if you really don't like it that much, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! We don't want to hear your whining. No, really, we don't. Shut up and go away.
****END RANT****

08 October 2005


Today, Phil Roberts (a flight teamer) and I drove to Gilmer (20 miles away) to see an airshow. It was pretty boring, but the drive was still worth is because we saw an F-117 Nighthawk flyby.

Added some more pics, and captions. Because Sarah is cool.

This is the one picture I got of the F-117.

This is me standing in front of a FedEx Cessna Grand Caravan...I would love to fly these planes someday.

Here is the whole airplane.

This is a Beech 18...old aircraft, VERY nicely restored.

05 October 2005


I just want to say, studying aerodynamics is awesome cuz it's super cool to see how God's laws of physics work. I promise a real update this weekend.