26 September 2005

A mini-blog.

Well, it's Sunday night and I'm about to go to bed...
We got lots of rain yesterday from Rita, and had a blast playing in it. Today the weather was sunny and warm. I had a long blog I was going to write, but didn't get around to it. I talked to Sarah on the phone tonight. That's 2 weeks in a row that I've finished off a phone card talking to you... (yes, i'm silly... :p)
Quit Your Life by MxPx is a good song. It sounds like a depressing suicide song but I promise you it's not. Listen to it if you get a chance. Good night world...

21 September 2005

midweek update..

Well, its Wednesday night...news of the day is:
I think I got myself dehydrated today. I now have a massive headache.
I went rollerblading this evening for the first time since I skated with Sarah back at NWC in Minnesota. It felt really good but wasn't as much fun because I was by myself.
Hurricane Rita is turning into a big mother of a hurricane and headed straight for Houston, so Joel, Evan, Jon, and Andrew were down there working all night to board up Joel's house and move his family up here.
I need to read some Bible stuff for Bib Lit, and said headache is sapping my ability to stay on the computer...good night all...

18 September 2005

It's like cyberstalking on crack...

Well hey everyone, here it is 11:30 PM and my roomie is already asleep...actually I should be too, but I'm not. Anyway, news of the day:
-LeTourneau has been added to the Facebook. The title of my post is a quote of Spork's while attempting to explain the concept of Facebook. Go here.
-I phoned home today. Then I only had 8 minutes left on my calling card, so I called Sarah. It was a very worthwhile use of those 8 minutes :)
-Something God has been showing me lately: His power. I've been reading early OT, in Judges now. Things like the plagues in Egypt just make you go "Wow." because the scale of God's power is so amazing. Also, seeing Katrina and the wind and clouds surrounding her at the start of school was another one of those "Wow, God is POWERFUL" moments. It follows, then, if we are to worship God, not just His mercy and grace, but also His mighty power, shouldn't the songs we sing (yes, I know worship is much more than singing songs, but that is the aspect I am addressing right now) reflect that? Quiet guitars, piano, and a soothing voice do very little to focus one's attention on the wild power of God. In that thought, here is a more appropriate song.


Power is another word that I use to describe you
Your mighty winds come in and blow me away
Frightening, coming at me like lightning
It's you that I fear, yeah yeah
I shake whenever you speak my name

And I'm surrounded
You overpower me

You're a silent rage
You're a hurricane
You are everything I cannot see and can't explain
You're an enigma wrapped in a mystery
Everywhere I go, I can't escape your energy

Divine is a reality that you define
You defy time
I see you in everything in fire and wind and rain
Captured is just the word to capture how I feel
when I still
You are what I crave
You set me free I want to be your slave

And I'm surrounded
You overpower me

You're a silent rage
You're a hurricane
You are everything I cannot see and can't explain
You're an enigma wrapped in a mystery
Everywhere I go, I can't escape your energy

I can't escape your energy

Now, add loud guitars, lots of drums, and some screaming...yes.
Time for me to hit the sack before heading back into the meat grinder of a week with 18 credits at LeTourneau.

13 September 2005

God uses low ceilings

Argh, school is craziness...there are some things God has been teaching me that I want to post about, but I just don't have time. Some random news, I am going to be a tutor for Flight Science II this semester. I was floored when I got the e-mail saying Mr. Chase recommended me. Hopefully it'll help me learn something about the subject and about teaching, as well as making some pocket money. Anyway, here is a look at my desk....its cleanliness suffers when I am busy...

12 September 2005

A day late...

This is a day late...but anyway...
4 years ago yesterday, this plane crashed into WTC 1 after being hijacked by terrorists.


08 September 2005


Well, this has been one crazy week....more when its over....but I have named my car Stella...because I was listening to Stellar Kart when I posted about naming her on Xanga. And I don't actually know anyone named that, so it works. Sorry Jamin, no radial references...that just gets awkward to explain...

04 September 2005

Name my car.

So I have decided that my car needs a name. Feel free to leave suggestions, as I am bad at this sort of thing.

Back in Texas.

Well everyone, I made it back to Texas. I think I'll start a little before then, though, because it's so worth writing about. Last Friday, I drove my new car down to the Cities to watch Melissa play at a church/coffee house deal and just hang out. That was lots of fun, especially so because I was driving my OWN car. It's also nice that it gets about 35 mpg on the highway...
Saturday was Sarah's birthday, so I drove down to her birthday party. It was fun because a) We got to hang out one last time before I went back to school and b) they had super good homemade Chinese food-knocks the socks off of the stuff you get at the local Chinese buffet place, especially in a place like Longview. Plus, Rachel and Melissa were there, Will rode down with me, and Sarah's crazy roommates came with, so it was quite the party. Oh yes, and apparently, according to Sarah's little cousin, the universe is a foam packing peanut, which he took great joy in crushing and throwing at various people, mainly Sarah and I.
I left for Texas at about 6 AM Sunday, and got into Longview at about 10 PM. Brian, my new roommate, had a sweet set of shelves already built, but I was still up until about 3 AM unpacking and setting up...oh yes, there was also a trip to Wal-Mart for a contact lens case. The next day I will always remember. I spent it running errands around campus and Longview. The whole day, off to the east, I could see massive banks of cumulonimbus clouds, as Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on New Orleans. The entire time we thought it had mainly missed the city...then the stories started coming in...and...well...you know the rest...chaos, murder, rape, disorder, disease...the devastation is amazing.
Tuesday classes started, a pretty soft day with only 2 classes and a lab. I also got my flight assignment, I will be flying with Mr. Chase, one of the Chief Flight Instructors. While he is intimidating as all get out on a stage check, I think flying with someone of that experience level will be an amazing learning experience. Wednesday started the madness....Chapel at 10:25, then classes and labs straight through till 4:55 PM. And it will get crazier when I start flying at 9 AM on Monday and Wednesday. I'll be doing a LOT of chapel makeups. Thursday was another quiet day (relatively). Friday...again, chapel at 10:25 AM, classes and labs straight through until 5:30 PM. I get to work in the machine tool lab on Fridays, learning to use tools to make things out of metal. Should be cool. After lab, I went to STOMP (STudent Organization Mall Party), where a bunch of 41 freshmen danced the Numa Numa for upperclassmen's signatures. Then to the flight team meeting, where I ended up as the Aircraft ID coach, which means I get the responsibility of whipping into shape the group of ID'ers we got. I also need to find a 5th person to fill out the roster...Anyway, it was good to get the Sting group together again, I know we are going to have an AWSOME time together this year. Apparently Emily's b/f, Chris, is a whiz at landings and put all 4 in the box during tryouts, maybe we will have a shot at something better than 3rd in regionals this year. That would rock my socks. After the meeting Friday, it was time for Final Night of 41 freshman initiation. THAT was fun, seeing what all the freshmen had done throughout the week to get to know us upperclassmen, and how excited some of them were when they got their *real* 41 shirts. We got us a good crop of them this year. I ended up staying up until 3 AM watching Die Hard with Jon and David last night, then woke up today and pretty much IMed and did homework all afternoon. Finally, this evening I went to my first Chai party at the home of the LeTU missionaries in residence. It was a blast, I ended up hanging out with Jamin, Carter, and a 41 freshman named Chips talking MAJOR aviation nerdulence. I also had about 4 cups of chai and am on a major caffiene rush, which explains why I am still up typing a blog entry at 1:30 AM on Sunday.
So, anyway, it is good to be back at LeTU, though still a little hard getting used to the fact that I can't just drive down to the Cities on a weekend and do something with Sarah or other AWANA people, or call up Tim and Travis for a round of disc golf. Oh well, I will be so insanely busy this semester that I think it will go pretty fast. 18 credits will generally do that to you. Anyway, I think I will add some pictures to this post, then maybe TRY to go to bed, as I do not plan on attending Bedside Baptist tomorrow (well, actually, later today).

Here is my desk, complete with Skillet poster, Christmas lights, and disco ball.

Hurricane Katrina, as seen from the LeTourneau University campus.