24 August 2005

Final Days of Summer....

Well, less than a week until classes start...And it seems like just yesterday that I was saying goodbye to people at the LeTU Aviation summer picnic. This has been one fun summer, hanging out with friends, playing disc golf, working lots at the library, etc. The only thing I regret is not flying more....
Yesterday I drove to the Cities and helped Sarah move in (her classes start today). Her roomies had about 10-12 people over for dinner, so we ate there, and then just hung out for a while, and went rollerblading. Fun times :)
Aaargh, lots to do before I leave....
-learn to drive my car
-get money stuff squared away
-try to catch up with 2 or 3 people I haven't had a chance to see yet
-try to get to Sarah's b-day party on Saturday.
Gonna be a busy couple days....

23 August 2005

I've Got Wheels!

Finally found a car. 1992 Honda Accord. Now I just have to learn to drive stick shift before I leave to TX....

18 August 2005

An airplane pic

So I'm gonna try this picture-in-post dealy.... This I took in Orlando (KMCO) on the way home. An Airtran 717 on short final against some afternoon cumulus clouds.

Airtran 737-700 taxiing past our gate at KMCO.

14 August 2005

Age. Death.

I am in Florida until Wednesday visiting my grandparents. They are not doing well. They are both in a nursing home, where last time I visited them they were on their own in an apartment. My grandma has Alzheimers and hardly leaves her bed. My grandpa now uses a wheelchair and sometimes a walker to get around. He isn't nearly as energetic as he used to be, railing against "the Bushies" and talking about the stock market and whats good and bad in it.

Going to a nursing home is odd. Made me realize something-I'm not really scared of death (least of all dying in a plane crash, either I made a mistake, in which case it's my fault, or mechanical failure and it was unavoidable). To quote Paul "...to live is Christ, to die is gain." (Phil. 1:21) and to quote one of my favorite fictional wizards "to the organized mind, death is merely the next adventure" No, what does scare me is clinging to a thread of life, mental and physical capacity wasted away by age and disease, in some medical facility somewhere. I don't think I could handle it. Yeah, a bit morbid I know, but that's whats going through my head right about now.

I did see some nice planes coming down here, and at MSP I was able to get some pix...a beautiful ATA 737 with winglets, a 747-400, and a long range shot of some C-130s. I also briefly saw an F-18 on the ramp during landing rollout in Orlando, and we taxied by a 777 with a rose on the tail, another beauty. Unfortunately, we flew on a 717, I don't care what people say, its just a decked out DC-9 thats a lot nicer for the pilots, but still stinks for the pax (passengers).

One final word, Florida brews some massive, lovely thunderstorms in the afternoon. I think the thunderstorm is one of the most awsome reminders in nature of God's power.

11 August 2005

Library randomness

Another book title: "Fat Girl Dances With Rocks".
And you just know these authors' last names HAVE to be pen names: "Dragonwagon" and "Myracle".

10 August 2005


I just wanted to announce that while shelving today I found a book of library cartoons. Thats coming home with me!

09 August 2005


I hate shopping for a car. End of story.

03 August 2005


Now accepting nominations for Worst Song of 2005. Continuing through the end of the year. Today I submit "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani. Since when has a woman repeatedly saying "this my s***" to a beat constituted part of a hit song? Some people have lousy taste in music. Unfortunately, most of them seem to be the ones that run radio stations, record labels, and the like. Of course, the people who buy into their brainwashing that this is good music and buy the CDs are also at fault...

Also, I bought John Reuben's new CD, "The Boy Vs. The Cynic" last night. It's really good, the only rap aside from Toby Mac that I own. Standout tracks include "Nuisance" (a lot of you have prolly heard that one on the radio), "Follow Your Leader", and "All I Have". I wanted to put some lyrics up on here, but I don't have the CD with me and they aren't posted online anywhere that I could find. Oh well. Oh yes, At Savers I also bought an amazingly nerdy Harry Potter shirt. Savers is and amazingly awsome place to shop for t-shirts, you never know what you will find. Anyway, break is almost over, have a superfantastic day and listen to some good music.