26 June 2005

more summer

Well here I am, making my weekly post...or something like that...haha. Anyway, still no job aside from the library. That's not cool, but hopefully something will come up this week. Maybe this whole job mess is God's way of getting me to get my butt moving on finding scholarships. Speaking of, I was at the airport using their wireless internet to look for scholarships this week, it is way cool cuz you can watch airplanes as you surf the web. Still not as good as flying them though...more on that in a bit.
This week, I pretty much just worked, went disc golfing (FUN TIMES!!! I forgot how addicted I am to that game), looked for jobs and scholarships, and sat around the house. Then Saturday I fixed my bike (well, i fixed it thursday, but it broke again friday. i think it's good for a while now), and went to Jon's grad party. Lots of AWANA people were there (it was fun to hang out with them again! And see random people from our old church who I hadn't seen in about 5 years. Then today after church, I went to the CAP pancake breakfast for a while, talked to my CAP mom Judy, and looked at airplanes. Then, I drove down to Rachel's grad party, hung out there (talked to Sarah and a random friend of Rachel's [Josh]) for most of the time. Then I took Sarah home and went home myself, where my family was finishing the packing for their trip to Wyoming. I have to stay here and work, goody goody. Anywho, it's late and I should go to bed soon...good night all.

22 June 2005

summer...and the best Monday

Well everybody...I spose it's about time for an update...
I got back to MN, last week was spent looking for jobs. I also got some hours back at the liberry (a major relief) and am waiting to hear back from four places about apps I put in. Sunday we drove to St. Peter and visited my Grandpa for father's day, then went to a grad party for someone from church. Monday I worked in the morning then went down to the Cities to see Sarah. As I was standing in the entrance talking to her and her mom, Rachel came in from upstairs (read her account on her blog, 'tis amusing), then went back up. Needless to say, this somewhat confused me. Then, we went up to Sarah's room, and when the door opened, there were a bunch of my friends from AWANA (Rachel, Melissa, Heather, Brandon, Brian, and Sarah's sister, Liz)!!!! They had planned a surprise party/gettogether type thing for me!!! So we all ate pizza and ice cream, watched Napoleon Dynamite (what a DUMB movie. But funny!!!), and played Catchphrase. It was the best homecoming present ever!!!! Thanks everyone!!!
So yeah...thats the big news lately...gots to go out today and get stuff to fix my bike...I like rollerblading, but with the condition of the SE STC roads and sidewalks, it's not the best option for getting to work...plus bike is faster. *randomness* Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince comes out in less than a month.
Well that's it for now...I am hungry and have to get rollerblading home.

12 June 2005

*sigh* home

Hey people, homies, Minnesotans, LeTUers, etc.
I'm back home in Minnesota. Anxious to see people from here. Played disc golf w/my bro Izak, and my almost-bro Tim today, and found I wasn't quite as out of practice as I thought, 2 under par for the course. Anyway, later all, time to hit the sack, tomorrow will be a day for job-lookage.
Chango out.

07 June 2005

A bug....

Well...it's been about 3 days...the flying bug has bit me again already...seeing those big old clouds around here today made me wish I was up flying so I could see them from the air... I also want to find a nice calm day with some low clouds and shoot instrument approaches in some actual weather, it would be pretty sweet, and a good confidence builder.
And a random question: How long does your average bug survive after being sucked into a nostril? I mean, for all we know, they could be crawling around in there for hours....or maybe even days...
Anywho... about 4 days till I get home :D :D :D :D.

04 June 2005

A long post.

Ok, the promised long post at the end of the week.
So I'm done with instrument...4 weeks to the day from when I started. I don't know how I did it... I guess God has really given me the ability to learn this stuff. I mean, it all MAKES SENSE to me. I don't know why, but things like finding out where you are, how to fly an approach, etc. etc, just seem to work for me. I guess it's a gift from God, a little something to help me in this crazy career. I look back on the last 4 weeks and think WOW....Waking up at 5:30 most mornings to fly, then going to class, then studying/IM/hangout until bed. Repeat. Stage checks every Wednesday. I don't know how much longer I could have done it...I didn't have as much time as I woulda liked to talk to friends, or hang out with people on campus, or just spend relaxing. I miss my family, friends in Minnesota ;), and my dog like crazy. It's truly insane though...I look in my logbook, 21.5 hours in the airplane, 14.3 hours of simulator time, dozens and dozens of approaches, hours and hours spent studying, or practicing in the sim. Now I have a week left till I leave, and I will see awsome MN people again, see my fam, eat good food, play with my stupid silly dog, and try to fit all my massive amount of stuff into the Lego room (those aquainted with the Braun house know what that's all about, those who aren't can surely guess). It will also be nice to go back to my home church, I want to talk to lotsa people there again.
However, I know I will miss the people here at school. First and most, the amazing 41 guys...even in summer, a lot of them are around. Though they all have their flaws, they are great to be around. Also, the rest of the aviation people...Friday at the aviation picnic will be a day of sad good-byes till fall. Whether it's the other flight teamers, or any other random person who I've met in class, chilling with other pilots rocks.
So now it's practically the end of my first year of college...some random thoughts.
I have grown as a pilot and a person in lots of ways. I have gone from being a homeschooled kid who knew noone to a LUer who knows lots of people in several different circles of LU society. I have watched relationships grow and then fall apart in a matter of a few weeks or months. I have helped build a treehouse in our lounge. I have become part of a team competing with the best college pilots in the nation. I have slept in chapel, I have slept in class, I have slept in several different couches around the floor. I have watched several times as many movies since coming here as I have in the rest of my life. I have talked for uncounted hours on IM and not regretted it. I have discovered the joy of iTunes. I have come to know and enjoy people, only to watch them graduate and move away. I have flown very nice planes and very junky planes. I have survived my first two college roommates, and even enjoyed it. I have borrowed cars and hitched rides from many a person. I have survived DC, FS1, and FCAS all at the same time. I have logged my first hours in aircraft other than a Skyhawk. I have spent all my money. I have been insane enough to spend entire weeks waking up at 5:30 am for flying. I have been on random trips to wal-mart, sonic, dairy queen, and many another place. I have made new friends and gotten to know old ones better. And from all of it, I have learned. God has used all of it to teach me things about myself, about others, and about life in general. What a year....
***zoooooom back to the present***
So I woke up and went to my checkride, passed it, though I didn't fly so well. I guess it's nice to know that even on my worst flying day in a while I can pass the checkride, I know I can do some mean instrument flying on most days. When I came back, of course I had to call my instructor, Judy (CAP Mom!!! :D), and my Fam. After that, I did NOTHING. Well, almost nothing productive....ate lunch, went to Sonicn for ice cream with Evan, Craig, Jon, and Andrew. Then came back and watched 2 Star Wars movies (episodes 5 and 6 if anyone cares) with Jamin coming in from time to time, and played about 2 hours of Command and Conquer Generals. Somewhere in there Craig and I went to Bodacious and got BBQ for dinner (yum!). Then Sarah called :D and we talked for...hmm...I dunno, maybe 2 hours. It was nice to talk to you Sarah! See you soon! And the rest of the Awana people too (Rach's grad partay on the 26th, YAY!!!)! Anywho, then I started this blog entry and have currently been working on it for about 1 hour. Now, I'd like to end with some attempt at a thought provoking question...so here goes my probably sorta lame attempt....
What has impacted you most this school year?

I'M DONE!!!!

Took my checkride today. Passed. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Headed home a week from today. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D ;)
Grad parties to go to, friends to visit ;) ;) good food :) :) Chango=Happy.

03 June 2005

This could be it...

Well, the checkride is 8 AM tomorrow...this could be the end of the real work for the summer...

01 June 2005

Almost done...

Well, I passed my stage 4 stage check today. All that's left is the checkride...