31 May 2005


Mkay, quick post...tomorrow at 11 is the flight portion of the final stage check, thursday is the oral portion, then probably friday is the checkride. Today was cool because there was a BBQ for the summer students, free food yay. Also, I got to hang out with some of the aviation freshpeople that I usualy don't get to talk to, cuz I'm in different classes..it's always fun to chill and trade flying stories, as well as hear how other people's flying is going. Finally, yesterday I got to spend 1/2 hour flying around in clouds, we had to actually shoot an instrument approach to get back into the airport, and almost didnt get out of the clouds in time. It was so COOL!!! flying an instrument approach to minimums and breaking out just in time is what instrument flying is all about. alright, sleep time...See you soon ;)

28 May 2005


Well here I am at the end of a Saturday spent almost entirely at the airport. I headed out there at 6:30 AM, because that's when I could get a ride ( I HATE not having a car). Then, finished planning for my flight to Dallas and Sulfur Springs, flew it with my instructor (we ate lunch in Sulfur Springs, there is a nice cheap restaurant right across the street), then got back to Longview about 1/2 hour ahead of the thunderstorms coming in. Then I sat at the airport until 7 PM, because that's when I could get a ride back. Oh well, it's all good. I got a lot of the planning done for my practice oral on Monday, and my Stage 4 stage check on Wednesday. *sigh* wow, I'm close to being done... *praying for good weather the rest of the week*....the checkride is probably Friday or Saturday.
I will probably have like a 4 page post when I pass, because I will have time to write about everything that's been going through my head in the last couple weeks, as well as my thoughts on the first year of school...but as of right now, I have about NO free time, and a massive amount of studying to do. By the way, this was my 13th consecutive day doing flight training (not flying, we had a couple days in the simulators in there), and tomorrow will be the first day in a long time that I haven't done any. Good thing too, I need to study for the oral portion of the Instrument Pilot practical test...

25 May 2005


You are Windows 98.  You're a bit flaky, but well-liked.  You don't have a great memory, but everyone seems to know you.  A great person to hang out with and play some games.
Which OS are You?

Haha....hey, don't blame me, I was bored.


Stage 3 of instrument is done. ONLY ABOUT 5 MORE FLIGHTS!!!!!!!! Praise The Lord!!!

24 May 2005


Wow...I'm tired...and stressed...at least fatness is over...but flying is coming to crunch time (stage 3 stage check tomorrow). God, I need an extra measure of your grace to finish out strong and get home to my family and friends. Home is close enough I can almost taste it. God grant me the strength to put forth my best effort and finish strong....

23 May 2005


NDB approaches in the Frasca-conquered. W00t!!!

22 May 2005

This beautiful Twin Navion once belonged to Judy (my CAP mom) back in Minnesota. Another one of the people I shall have to spend time with this summer Posted by Hello

TX heat....ouch.

Well, this is the most flying i've done in quite some time... 2.9 hours yesterday, 2.2 today (all approaches), and a couple other times this week. insane. well, it's getting me closer to finishing, and home :D
yeah...today was HOT, HOT, HOT...the rumor is it got to 102* F.....crazy...and I was up for 2.2 hours flying approaches (thanks to Emily for acting as safety pilot and preventing me from hitting anything). anywho, flying approaches w/o an instructor is different....but it really is a good confidence builder, and also a good way of realizing...wow, i really need to get this right, or i could die...lol. anyway, im exhaused from the day, and i have an 8 am sim block tomorrow...oh joy. I better grab some z's....

19 May 2005


So my life has been crazy mad lately...wake up at the crack of dawn, eat breakfast, fly, go to fatness class, fly again (usually the sim the second time), eat lunch at some point, go to Fly Sci III (yay, my NIFA knowledge is definitely making parts of this class a piece of cake...mmm...or key lime pie...wow its been too long since I had real food), eat dinner, practice in the sim, and finally come back and do homework until I realize that I have to wake up in about 8 hours and start the whole cycle over again. thankfully, fatness is done on wednesday. Also, Laura (my instructor) said that she wants to get me finished by June 3rd (she has to go back to WI for a graduation or something), which is cool by me, because that means that I would be done with flying before classes are done. Which gets me home at the soonest possible time. :D :D :D :D :D I have to give huge props to Andrew from my floor, he left his car here till he comes back for the next session (starts wednesday) and let me use it, I don't know how I'll survive without it...I guess thats another thing to do, try and find a car that will get me and all my junk back to MN...yikes, my life is insane. good thing I don't have a job here, I wouldn't have any spare time to breathe/study/relax. anyhow, it will all be over in a few weeks, I will be instrument rated, and back to a place where more awsome people are, and where it is still spring. until then, bye!


argh, NDB approaches....so devilishly simple, yet so difficult....grr...

18 May 2005

Stage two....done

I just had my stage 2 Instrument stage check, I passed it. Yay!!!! Only two stages left, and I'll be instrument rated ladies and gentlemen! The sooner the better :D

*background for non-pilots. pilots skip this part*
In airplanes, two of your most useful instruments are based on gyroscopes driven by air sucked through the system. this is known as a vacuum system.

The Ever-Quotable Mr. Burnett
Me: Longview approach, Skyhawk 61SL, vacuum failure in flight.
Mr. Burnett: I'll lend you my Kirby or my Hoover.
Mr. Burnett: I'm sorry, that sucked.

16 May 2005

Why i think the llama thing is so funny...


15 May 2005

Allo. Salut.

Well, hey you guys (more Minnesotan than y'all), it's very early Sunday morning. I survived the first week of summer classes, got through stage 1 of instrument, had my first instrument lesson in the airplane, and spent all but $1.78 of my cash on food at Wal-Mart. Such is the life of a college student during summer session. Well, its really starting to hit me now that its summer...other people at other schools are done with finals, and moving on to summerness...here I am still doing homework and hauling my lazy butt out of bed at insane hours (5:30 AM yesterday morning) to go fly. Oh well, flying is the one thing I really don't mind waking up uber early for.
*randomness* I was sitting in a tree on the berm today reading my Bible, and I think I got bit by fire ants. Is there nowhere to go where they are not?!?! I mean I figured I'd get bit on the ground, that's why I sought the refuge of a tree. But IN the tree too? Sheesh. So this evening was spent at Wal-Mart, watching part of Star Wars: Episode 2 in Jamin and Squirt's room, wandering the other quads looking for a place to watch an old Star Wars flick, and finally coming back here and watching most of it in the lobby on Squirt's computer, and the rest on my computer. Wow, that was a really nerdy typical LeTourneau guy type evening. Oh well.
*total randomness* CS Lewis was a smart guy. I should get one of his books from the library and read it. Maybe go on a Narnia streak...or maybe go for something heavier...
*final randomness*
I can't wait to be home. I miss my family, my friends, and my dog. In July, I hope to get the chance to spend a day up at AWANA camp, and hang out with people there. That would be fun. Maybe this summer I'll actually get the chance to take a couple people flying. That would rock! Oh, and go rollerblading ;) Anyway, church tomorrow (or later today if you want to be technical about it), so goodnight, talk to you later. Or something.

11 May 2005


Stage 1 of Instrument is done. I survived the first day of summer classes. YAY!!!

10 May 2005

Calm before the storm....

So today was the last free day before summer session starts, and I get to deal with the loveliness of 7 AM flight blocks, Fatness at 9:30, and Fly Sci III 3:15-5. Monday through Friday. Craziness. Because SAGA is closed for the summer, I have also now started my diet of cereal, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and ramen. Plus the occasional fruit to avoid scurvy (hallelujah for knowing people in the apartments, where they have ovens). The last couple days have been chilling, taking care of random business that needed doing (renewing my pilot medical, laundry, etc.), plus hanging with the few, the proud, the summer schoolers. I'm in the same dorm as Evan, Jon, Jamin, and a bunch of other random peoples. Plus Fargo, the other Minnesotan 41er is my roommate. His computer is uber and runs hot, I think it warms up our room by about 5-10 degrees. Should be fun...
Instrument flight is going well, I have my first stage check tomorrow afternoon with Rispin...he may not be such a great prof, but he is awsome to fly with, if you know what you are doing, as I discovered on my tailwheel stage check. Hoping to be done FAST, fast as greased lightning...cuz the second I'm done with my instrument checkride, I can head home...YAY!! and escape HOT HUMID Texas.

09 May 2005

Finals week....

Well, here it is the Sunday after finals week and I finally have time to write. First off, NIFA. Well, as I wrote, it was cold and windy, and none of us had appropriate clothing for 30s and 40s with strong winds and light rain. The awards ceremony....Well LeTU ended up 12th, Andy C, Jamin, the Eugenius (2nd in the nation in power off landings!!!!), Emily, The Ted, and Tom all placed in the top 20 in events. You can see results here. I did alright, preflight has me a little frustrated cuz I know I can do better, but I go in with the judge and all that I practice starts to go to pieces. Lots of practice is the only thing I can think of to help.
Then we flew back to Longview, slept, and entered the whirlwind of Finals Week. It was a blur of study-final-study-makeup test from NIFA-study-final-sleep etc. Then Thursday rolled around, finals ended, and the time came to pack up and move to my summer housing, the built-for-midgets Quad 2. Seriously, I don't know why anyone would WANT to live here, it's way too small. Saturday was graduation. It was kind of sad to see all the people that are graduating that I've gotten to know over the last 8 or 9 months who are leaving for good...Igloo, Bolt, Chirp, Aduma, and Nybble from 41, and Tom and The Ted from flight team. The saddest, though, was seeing Igloo's room empty. Anyone who has ever been in there knows why, but I'll explain it. His room was set up with wood framing and shelves all around it, with 4 or 5 hammocks hanging in it. That, and it's central location made it a great hangout for the floor. Seeing it reduced to an empty, bare, echo-y dorm room was sad, as was wandering the floor and not seeing all the people who are gone for the summer. Ah well. The seniors are off to bigger and better things, God bless them, and most of the others will be back in the fall. Seeing the seniors graduate got me thinking though. In 2 or 3 years when I graduate, where will I be headed? It's kind of scary because that's coming up awfully fast. After Instrument this summer, I only have 3 flight courses that I have to take at LeTourneau if I don't become a flight instructor (another big decision to make-whether or not to spend the money and then work as an instructor). In the end, I decided that I just need to not worry, trust God, pray, and focus on the next step. Harder than it sounds, especially in an industry like aviation where the competition for jobs is pretty tough and a lot of people are just out chasing the next better job. *sigh*
Oh yeah, had my first sim lesson with Laura for Instrument. Yay, that's one lesson closer to MN and the people I miss there :D. Well I'm tired, its late, and I think I shall head to bed soon. Nite y'all!

08 May 2005

My Dream Trip

So today in Sunday School, as its the beginning of the new session, we had a little icebreaker/get to know you time. The question was "If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go, how would you get there, and what would you do once you got there? Mine was to fly to New Zealand in a Cessna Caravan with a few good friends and family members who love LotR, and fly around New Zealand and visit the places LotR was filmed. And just fly around in the mountains, cuz they are so cool and cuz flying a Caravan would be stinking AWSOME. I'm off in search of food, more later...

04 May 2005


I'm sitting in the CAD lab waiting for my prof to get here and start the final. Since he is not here to yell at me, I am zooming around on my rolling chair and having the time of my life. Hallelujah for Gaiser not being here, rolly chairs, and a tile floor.

03 May 2005


Well the title says it all folks, just back from NIFA and into finals and makeup tests from missing a week of school, one in which practically every one of my classes had a test. I really dont know why I'm taking the time to post, except that I can't focus on studying anymore. I'll post about NIFA (in a nutshell, God protected us and helped us to do really well) and the end of the school year (well not really for me, but it still marks a whole academic year for me at LeTU.) this weekend, after finals are done and I wake up from looooong nap.

02 May 2005

41...yeah dude....taken at NIFA nationals in Kansas. :) Posted by Hello

01 May 2005

Heading back...

Well, National SAFECON is all over, the awards banquet was tonight. Kind of bittersweet, cuz I didn't do as well as I had hoped/expected, and because for all of the seniors (Igloo, The Ted, and Tom) this was their last SAFECON. Sweet, because lots of LeTourneau-ites did good, putting us to #12 in the nation (woot Sting!), and because of how good we younger ones did...and how much better we know we can do. Tomorrow (well, today I guess) is back to LeTourneau, and Monday starts finals, which I am majorly unprepared for. Oh well, we shall see how it goes. I will definitely miss the graduating seniors, but every day is one day closer to Minnesota. :D 7 weeks is roughly the count...anyway, time to talk for a bit, then sleep. Later all.