29 April 2005


Woohoo, another cold and windy day in Kansas...I did preflight today, I think it went well, but we will see tomorrow at the banquet. Thanks to Sarah (btw, it was nice talking to you last nite ;) )for telling me how to put links on the sidebar...check them out. Time to go to bed soon, I think I will get to sleep in, but the people who still have landings left to do will be at the airport at 6:15 AM. CRAZY!!!!!!!!

28 April 2005

numa numa

Well, its Thursday of SAFECON, the weather is cold and windy, and I have had that stupid "Numa Numa" song stuck in my head since yesterday...it was running through my head during the flight computer test...and probably will be during the Simulated Comprehensive Aircraft Navigation test as well...AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! Well actually it's kinda funny, we were singing before and after the test...crazy fun. Hope y'alls week is going great...:D, sounds like most of you are staying un-bored ;)

26 April 2005

Hi From Kansas!

Well here I be in Kansas, just got done with the aircraft ID test, it was....not so great, but o well, it's done. We shall see how it turns out. Anyway hope y'all's week is going well, and don't get too bored ;-) *cough*Sarah*cough*
So now I'm here in my room chillin' with the Eugenius and Jammin' Jamin. Woohoo, time to go study some weatherology. And flight computer, or whatever event is next.

24 April 2005


We are leaving in 15 minutes for Kansas. Have a great week everyone! To VUSA people, good job, hope you had fun, send pictures!

23 April 2005


Well talking with Sarah this week has had me reminiscing about the good old days of VUSA (now called Summit). My first VUSA in Chicago, where I first met a lot of the AWANA people, going to Navy Pier, just hanging out. The next year in Omaha, the last time we stayed in a church, my only year quizzing...with Sarah, Mel, Victoria, and Tina, and my only year in games. Finally, last year in Fort Worth, hanging out with everyone, getting my Citation, and missing a day of events to register for classes at LeTU...AWANA was so much fun, and God did so much in my life through it...Ah well, AWANA (at least as a clubber) is over for me, and I have moved on to other things. However, the friendships made at VUSA and other AWANA things continue on...yet another blessing. Can't wait till summer, y'all :D
On another note...TOMORROW THE
A week of no SAGA, lots of flying, and flight computer and aircraft ID nerdulence. Yeah, you might be a nerd if you are bringing a laptop so you can access Airliners for studying. Well I gots a meteorology workbook, laundry, and packing to do, so I best get off of here.

22 April 2005

What a surprise...NOT

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18 April 2005


So I retook my Citabria stage check with Mr. Rispin this morning, and passed. YAY!!!!!! Yesterday was cool too cuz there was a potluck lunch at church, then I went to NIFA practice and flew for message drop practice-that was way fun and I logged 1 hour of free Skyhawk time. Yay for NIFA. Finally, I came back and ran into Jamin at the Hive, we surfed airliners.net for a while and he instructed me in the finer points of identifying the various models of King Air, and other aircraft ID tidbits, then I went to prayer and praise. Yay.

17 April 2005

The rocks of life won't pull me down

Yesterday was lousy...I went out to the airport and failed my Citabria stage check miserably. When I got back, there was an IM from Emily saying that her dad passed away. Pray for her and her family please, they need it right now.
God is good, there are second chances...in flying as well as life in general. Today I flew a review in the Citabria with Esther (a LeTU instructor, also one of our flight team coaches). Wow, we hit some of the maneuvers hard core, and it took me a LOT of tries to get them right. I feel a lot more confident now though, God willing the next try at a stage check (Monday) will go better.
New music=Superchic[k]'s new cd, Beauty From Pain. I have some lyrics as my MSN name, and Sarah asked me about it...it seems to fit right now...Lyric:

This is my prayer without ceasing
The negative releasing
And as I rise above
My burden is easing

I bring the pure flow, water around
The rocks of life won't pull me down
I bring the pure flow, drink so deep
The river of life my soul at ease
I bring the pure flow, water around
The rocks of life won't pull me down
I bring the pure flow, rising above
The storms of life to live and love

This is my brand new day in the light
Troubles rising up on the left and the right
I keep my eyes fixed on where I want to go
The rest will follow
Right now there are like 6 people in my room watching a crude comedian on Evan's computer. It is very irritating. I am listening to Superchic[k] in my headphones. I wish they would leave. I am sick of hearing this absolute trash they listen to. I don't find it funny, merely sickening at times. I don't want to put up with it right now.
Randomness-those of you who have been praying for Em's dad (and for me, though my stage check didn't go well) you know who you are, thank you so much, it is appreciated more than you know.

13 April 2005

Cross country 10-Apr-05

Here is the promised story of cross country in 78LU. This is the text of the report I submitted to my instructor.

If this cross country had a theme, it would be “The Flight Where Nothing Went As Planned”. This started before the flight even began. I called up for my weather briefing, and after informing me that the weather, though somewhat hazy, and with winds approaching my endorsed limits, was adequate for the flight, the briefer passed on the information that Shreveport Downtown airport, my original destination, was closed most of the day for an airshow. After consulting my honorable, soon-to-be-Saab-jockey instructor, I designed a new route. The KGGG-KAGO-KSPH-KASL-KGGG route somewhat followed the original, while remaining clear of Shreveport Class C (I didn’t want to deal with that if I wasn’t actually going to land anywhere in Shreveport), and being long enough to get in the 2.5 hours I needed of cross country time. After that was all settled, I went out to preflight.
As I was pre-flighting and the dispatcher was fueling the aircraft (N78LU), we both noticed that the left tank had about 15 gallons left, while the right tank was full. The person before me had left the fuel selector on “left”, and I thought it possible that they had flown with it in that position. In any case, the dispatcher told me to watch my fuel gages closely in flight.
While climbing out of East Texas Regional, I observed that the haze extended to about 3500 feet, and was capped with a layer of widely scattered, small cumulus clouds. As I climbed above it, the visibility got much better. However, due to the haze and clouds, I couldn’t see the ground. Therefore, I descended to an altitude that put me below the clouds and in the haze.
On the way out, I did notice that the aircraft appeared to only burn fuel from the left tank. By the time I reached Spring Hill, I was down to about 15 gallons in the left, with a full right tank. I did not switch to the right tank because in the worst case scenario, if the aircraft truly was running on only one tank, I did not want to be faced with an in-air engine restart. Also, worst case scenario, my calculations suggested that I would not reach Longview with a 1 hour reserve available. The A/FD said that Spring Hill had fuel available, so I taxied to the ramp and looked for fuel.
It turns out that the fuel is in an old pump with a Master Lock on it, that the airport manager has the key for. This manager lives in the run-down house next to the airport (this I learned from a guy riding his bike around the taxiway, watching the Air Tractor 602 ag planes take off and land. Very cool looking planes!). He was also not at home. I had called the LeTU dispatch when I landed and left a message informing them of my situation. I also notified Fort Worth FSS that I was expecting a delay. After learning the possibility of getting fuel there was very low, I called LeTU dispatch back and was informed that the uneven burning was a quirk of 78LU since the wing was removed and put back on after the infamous bird strike, and the right tank would begin delivering fuel soon after the left dropped below 15 gallons. I then started up, took off, and headed back towards Marshall. Sure enough, when I was established in cruise, the right tank began to indicate lower, and I switched to it for most of the flight to Marshall.
From that point on, the flight was uneventful. I landed at Marshall, then made the short hop to Longview and landed uneventfully. En route from ASL-GGG I had given FSS a new ETA. On the ground, I closed my flight plan, and that was it.
Some lessons I learned: Last minute changes in plan can make life and flying very interesting. Troubleshoot a little-I could have tried running off the right tank on the ground at Magnolia or Spring Hill. You can’t count on scattered clouds and reports of 10 miles visibility to give you adequate visual reference for VFR navigation at altitude. Finally, Air Tractors are a lot bigger than they look in pictures.

10 April 2005

Cross country craziness

So today I flew the weirdest cross country I've ever been on...I shall tell the story in full tomorrow. Hopefully someone out there will find it amusing. It was all so truly surreal...and funny.

08 April 2005

Hootenanny, and ponderances.

Well this may end up being a BEAST of a post...I've got a lot of things on my mind. Consider yourself warned...

So I just got back from Hootenanny. What is that? Oh, how to describe it...LeTourneau's own variation on the standard talent show. There were skits, musical acts, an ADD emcee, and the best drumming I have seen since Skillet on New Years Eve. The skits tended toward making fun of LeTourneau's own unique quirks. These include nerds, awkward dates with nerds, our RA's, and girls who love "the ratio" because they are out to get their MRS degree. So anyway, I got back from there and am now writing to pass the time untill 12:30 when the new TAF (terminal aerodrome forecast, for the ground-bound among you) comes out, to see how likely it is that I will actually get to fly tomorrow.

***Rant Alert***
This leads me into another rant, which, for y'alls sake, I will keep short. LeTourneau simply doesn't have enough aircraft right now for the number of flight students they are trying to train. Now, do they do the logical thing and buy more planes? No, they go and decide to build a 15 million dollar chapel/performing arts facility. A brand new, well-equipped Skyhawk costs about 150-200 grand. Would it kill them to buy some more airplanes and spend a little less on Bud's Temple (what we have come to call the chapel, in honor of Alvin "Bud" Austin, LeTU's president)? *Sigh*
***Rant Over***

Next ponderance...
It seems like a lot of people I know have been going through hard times in their lives. One friend is losing her dad to cancer (keep praying for the Harrisons, things are not looking good) . Another is having family difficulties. The daughter of a LeTU prof died suddenly from a virus, and though I didn't know her, many people on campus did, and have been deeply affected. At this same time, I have been blessed with some of the best times of my life-flying a fun airplane, taking 18 credits and still managing to enjoy life on 41 and hanging with the guys, and being healthy enough to appreciate the lovely EasTex spring. I can't understand why God has blessed me so much right now-other than that I need to be supporting and praying for those around me. In this area I feel that I have fallen short, probably because I am not as in touch with God as I need to be. Oh, to be free of the fallenness of this world, and of my human nature...Though I am not eloquent, I know that God would give me the words to say, or at least the opportunity to listen, if I would only spend the time I really need to with Him.

Also, I need to say something about this, because it hurts me to watch it. I'm talking about friends who seem to be serial daters...You watch them and think, "oh, maybe this one will last." Nope, 6-8 weeks later, its all over, and suddenly there is a new significant other on the scene. I hope I never run into that...either become the type of person who goes wildly gaga in love and then suddenly things change and its over, or date a person who will do that...come into my life, spend a massive amount of time getting to know me, then suddenly the relationship is over and they are on to someone else. I don't know how I could live my life to prevent that...I guess just follow Biblical models of relationships...look for someone who is a Christian, take things slow and truly get to know them (one of our chapel speakers said you truly don't know someone in a relationship until you have argued with them, an interesting thought), and step back and think about the relationship...it seems to me that it needs to be more than emotions/hormones...both people need to have similar priorities, and if not similar interests, at least be able to appreciate eachother's interests. For instance, I wouldn't want to get involved with anyone who just didn't understand that I love flying. She wouldn't have to understand WHY I love it (I don't even know, other than that God wired me to love flying :-D), just THAT I do.

***Rant Alert***
In a similar vein to the last rant I posted on here, ladies, I know you like to get a "healthy" tan, but geez, do you need to show that much skin while sunbathing in a very public place? Until LeTU girls learn to cover up, I will have to continue to avoid the berm on sunny, warm days.
***Rant Over***

Finally, the last paragraph of this monster...
It's pretty much settled that I will be staying for the first 6 weeks of summer to do Instrument Flight and Commercial pilot ground school. Oh yes, and Fatness. While I think this will be an enjoyable time with lots of flying, I will really miss people back in MN. My family and AWANA people especially. Especially AWANA people who I talk to every single day on IM, but have only seen 2 times since I came to TX. Ok, that's only one person. W/E. :-)
Oh, and finally, I need to survive in the next 4 weeks, one last round of tests, NIFA nationals, and finally finals week. woohoo.

06 April 2005

from the t-storms the other night.  Posted by Hello

The lovely town of Henderson, TX....before i realized the camera was set to black and white.... Posted by Hello

So I borrowed Evan's camera on Saturday for my cross country.... Posted by Hello

05 April 2005

100.1-no longer a double-digit midget!!!!!!

Hey yo-I just got back from the airport, where I flew a landings review flight in the Citabria. Good things came out of it...4 good landings, .6 hours of flight time, which puts me at 100.1 hours total, and I can do my stage check whenever I fly the last cross country (which, thanks to Em, should be tomorrow). YEAAAH BAYBEE!!!!! Anyways, time to type up a lab report due at 3....

03 April 2005

R.I.P. Narf

Today is a sad day here among the aviating members of 41. The much beloved Narf, as of yesterday evening, became the much beloved, late Narf. Yes, unfortunately, on the way back from the airport, the unfortunate Narf finally gave up the ghost, scattering parts all over the road behind Glaske. I, in my relatively short time here, have come to know and love Narf, who transported me to and from many a flight team gathering, and has even served as a comfy place to watch the stars. The members of 41 will all miss his extra space in their traditional birthday celebration of ponding. Never again will I jump on his hood and show just how dead the shocks are, or ride out to the airport with 5 people packed in there, Igloo driving like a maniac, the windows down, and the stereo blaring. To the late, great Narf, we will miss you.

01 April 2005

Spring in TX....and a rant....

Well the "spring" weather is officially here in Longview....which means it is like MN in the summer. See Sarah's blog for more commentary on this situation....check out the MN temp conversion chart. A very nice bunch of thunderstorms moved through tonight, unfortunately the gusty winds and low clouds surrounding are supposed to stay through tomorrow afternoon, which means my cross country in the morning is a no-go. Oh well, Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be good. This week...well not much of anything has happened...classes....I am one flight from my Citabria stage check, but I can't take it until i finish my Skyhawk cross countries. Bummer.

***Rant Alert***

So with the warm weather, comes the immodest clothing...Seriously, do girls even THINK about the message they are sending when they dress immodestly?!?!?! Some of these same girls then proceed to complain about guys who don't respect them, or how they don't attract the kind of guy they want. WELL DUH!!!!! No offense ladies, but first impressions matter, and guys notice clothing, or lack thereof, (sorry, we're just wired that way) so if you dress like a (pardon the language) slut, that is the first thing most guys will see, and it will affect their perception of you for a very long time. And the much-sought "good guys" (especially good Christian guys) are repelled by girls who dress immodestly. You would think this wouldn't be such a problem at a Christian school...and it's not....I took classes at a public university for 2 years, and it was BAD. However, the average modesty of a Christian campus (e.g., LeTU) still leaves much to be desired. So ladies...please...make it easier for the guys who want to respect you to do so...and as for the guys who won't notice you because you dress modestly....trust me, you don't need them, all they want is to get in your pants anyway.

***Rant Over***