29 March 2005

Cuz i havent put a pic on here in some time...ain't the Citation X a beautiful plane? Posted by Hello

27 March 2005


So Easter Sunday was rainy....the church service was good...then I went to Easter dinner at the apartment of Tom Anderson (one of the flight team captains) and his wife. The food was DELICIOUS and the company (Ted, Tom, Igloo, the Eugenius, Caleb "Chef" Cook, and Tom's brother-in-law, all upperclassmen aviatio majors) was good. It was really cool to hang out with aviation majors about to graduate, and hear about their plans. I really look up to those guys. Tomorrow is back to school after a long weekend...but not for some people *cough*Sarah*cough*. Anyway, Intro to Systems with Pole-Man the Wisconsinite calls at 7:20 AM and I will head to bed. Soon.

26 March 2005

Happy Easter!

Well it's almost Easter...
After the pain, blood, gore, and finally death and blackness of Good Friday, we have the day that celebrates the greatest event in human history. The day when Christ conquered death. God is amazing!!!!

I sat around most of the day, had two cross countries canceled due to nasty weather in the forecast, weather that never really materialized. I don't know which annoys me more, EasTex's schizoid weather or LeTU's harsh weather minimums. Ah well, it's all about safety.

Songs for Easter....
Scars That Save~Kids In The Way
Over and over your blood covers me.
How many times will it take me to see.
I am so dangerous.
I am so irresponsible.
Here I am, broken again, but then you show me,
you're wearing the scars that save.
'Cuz 1 Pet. 2:24 "He himself bore our sins in His own body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed."


as I recall when my stomach turned
and I was hiding away from myself
away from you
like nothing but something was terribly wrong
and I admit that I was only waiting for the right time (night time)
right moment for you to look away
though you never did I pretended for a while
so I could walk where I don't belong

I remember every word you said
come back in time come back
and I remember I would soon be dead
pitiful so pitiful

but I know as they hammered those nails
into your beautiful hands
your eyes they tried to search for mine
but I look away
now your eyes are the only thing that can save me
I'm still afraid of them piercin'
you break into my prison
just pretended for a while
my soul is dying, I won't look away

I don't think this one really needs explanation.

*HE IS RISEN!!!!!!!*

25 March 2005

Sunshine in EasTex

So it's Good Friday...if you do nothing else today, remember what Christ did.

The weather is beautiful, i have spent most of the afternoon outside, and im headed back out soon....80 degrees and sunny....too bad no flyage is allowed today.

21 March 2005

Potstickers, and back to TX

Well a couple things to finish the tale of my spring break...
Friday, I worked till noon, then drove to the St. Paul to hang out with Sarah at Northwestern College. I got down there as snow was falling (Minne-no-snow-ta no longer!). Anyway, we hung out around NWC for like 8 hours....played pool, I met a bunch of her friends at school , had Subway and potstickers (yummy!), watched Equilibrium...and wandered the dorms for a long time. I enjoyed it muchly :) :) Sarah~thanks!

Saturday I spent mostly with my almost-brothers Tim and Travis, playing hacky and a nerdy-type board game with an attitude, called Heroscape. Also took my lil sis to the shoe store...cuz I didnt really do much w/her the rest of the week, and she really wanted to go...lol.

Sunday was back to TX day, I was supposed to fly MSP-ORD-DFW-GGG, but the plane to Chicago was full, so I got put on a direct MSP-DFW flight...only problem was, I had to wait around for like 4 hours before it left. I wandered the various concourses practicing my aircraft ID skilz (minimal as they are). By the time my flight left, I never wanted to see another Airbus 319 or 320, DC-9, or Boeing 757 again...Northwest, based in MN, has LOTS of those planes, so I got thoroughly sick of seeing them.

Well its time for me to sleep...back to Fly Sci II in the morning.....

16 March 2005

More from MN

Hmm...short post tonight, I'm feeling tired and I work in the morning...another beautiful day out today, too bad, cuz I pretty much sat around. I don't know why (though I suspect it has something to do with my recent lack of caffiene) I could barely move all day, and fell asleep on my bro's couch for a good hour and a half this afternoon. Eventually went out n played hackie w/Izak and Will, but as Izak is the only one who is any good, it really didn't go far. Then to Awana...another case of wow-its-changed-a-lot-since-I-left-ness. The people I still think of as the "little kids" are the majority of the high-school group. And most of them haven't grown up much...ah well.

Anyway, back to the liberry tomorrow, at least for a couple days (I'll earn just enough to pay for that flight team jacket, w00t), teen night tomorrow night, and down to the cities friday afternoon to hang out with Sarah. Saturday, hopefully the whole family will be around and we can do something, also I hope to spend some more time with my almost-brothers, Tim and Travis. Well this is enough of a post, I'll leave it here, and go to bed sumtime....

14 March 2005


Stupid computer ate the long entry I made...

Well I'm back in the land of coldness, slow internet, and no snow. I have done some stuff around STC, and have some more plans for the rest of the week, but what happened tonight deserves an entry mostly devoted to it, so here is my second try at it (computer, dont eat it this time!!!!)

So tonight, I visited North Star Cadet Squadron, my old Civil Air Patrol squadron. I did this over Christmas as well, but for whatever reason this time was much more surreal. Probably because only one of the old-schoolers was there. Judy, my CAP mom, was that one, we talked for a good long while about what we have both been up to. Overall, the squadron was weird because of the lack of old schoolers...I kept expecting to hear the voices of people like Craig (my one-time flight instructor, and the squadron commander for like 3 years), Jess (the cadet commander before me, and a good friend of mine), Katie, and Joel (4 years older than me, a really cool guy). I spent like half an hour just wandering the armory alone, reminiscing...after four years of CAP, every nook and cranny holds memories. Out on the drill pad, first learning to march, then teaching others to march, and finally, supervising the teaching...or sitting through and teaching many a class up in the old classroom...or bantering with Craig, Jess, and Judy back in the office. It all seems so long ago, its hard to believe its only been 7 months since I turned over command to a transplant from Arizona and walked away from it all to go to college in TX. I guess that time in my life is officially over...replaced with the sights and sounds of Dorm 41, the fun, fellowship, and flying of the Sting flight team, and the rest of the LeTourneau-ness. Anyway, I guess this is enough pondering/reminiscing for now....Later, all! To LeTU people, hope you are having a good break!

10 March 2005

The cool-looking little plane I flew today Posted by Hello


Wow, days like today are amazing...God is so awsome! The EasTex weather today is beautiful-70s and not a cloud in the sky, with a light wind. I flew a cross country in the Citabria with my instructor (1500 feet all the way baybee!) Now all that remains between me and my Citabria stage check is 2 review flights! Finally, airframe electrical lab was optional today cuz our instructor was gone, so I further enjoyed the beautiful weather by rollerblading. Now, I'm sitting here with my window open, music blaring, and not a care in the world. Until Fly Sci II lab tonite, boo to the partial panel pattern J.....Ah well, 2 days 'til MN!

08 March 2005

Wheel landings and 4 days 'til MN

So I'm pretty happy.....I flew a block of wheel landings (in the tailwheel, you normally land 3-point, but wheel landings you land on the front two wheels first) and gusty wind takeoffs (raise the tail quickly, and lower the nose till you are level, then pull the plane off when you get to about 65-70 MPH). I finally got the hang of them, and boy, are they FUN!!! The Citabria is by far the most fun I have ever had in an airplane. More good news~ N78LU, the Skyhawk that hit a bird, is going to be back in service sometime tomorrow....which means that God willing I will be able to fly a cross country Saturday morning before I leave for Minnesnowta. A final bonus-when I got to the airport, there was a 757 flying the pattern (actually, it was a C-32, the military designation). Pretty sweet to see a jet airliner flying pattern not much higher than we do in our Spam-cans and Citabrias. Well seeing as I have lab at 7:20 AM and a Hydraulics test tomorrow, I think I will head to bed soon. Later all....

06 March 2005

6 Days 'til MN

Hey yo....
today was kinda a typical Saturday...minus the homework, seeing as I just got done with most of my midterms. Woke up, went to SAGA, hung around the floor, went to flight team practice (word to the CG shift problems and the regs'n'weather), went back to SAGA, went to Best Buy and bought Equilibrium (way cool movie!), hung around the floor some more, watched Equilibrium and SWAT, and here I am. It's Sunday, so only 6 days until Minnesota...I'm sleepy, so goodbye peoples...

05 March 2005

True story of a bad day flying....

03-02, 25 Nov 02, MN, N4813G, C-172N, While landing on runway 27 at Stanton, MN at 1620 L, an ultra light aircraft without radios or lights, piloted by a 17 year-old pilot, departed on runway 36 and turned right into the landing CAP aircraft. An observer on the ground saw the conflict developing and announced it on CTAF. The CAP aircraft saw the ultra light and rapidly descended to avoid collision. The 29 year-old CAP pilot, an MEI, estimates clearance at 50’. The CAP aircraft made a long, hard landing and the propeller struck the runway. The aircraft rolled off the departure end of the 1970’ turf runway – an authorized airfield. The engine did not suffer sudden stoppage and the pilot deemed the aircraft airworthy. He then flew the aircraft back to its home station. He parked an appropriate distance away from the hangar and went in to report the near mid-air collision and the prop damage. After hanging up the phone, he opened the hangar bi-fold doors from inside the hangar. He felt and heard the hangar door strike something. After going outside, he discovered that another pilot had moved the aircraft so close to the hangar that the bi-fold doors struck and damaged the rudder. A damage estimate of $9,000 was received on the prop strike. Rudder repair cost is TBD. Awaiting CAPF 79.

04 March 2005

This week in flying....

Tuesday, I flew a Citabria block and did some short and soft field landings that were SWEETNESS. The softs were soft, and the shorts were precise and involved mad slippage.
Today, my Skyhawk cross country was canceled, so in the afternoon I went up in a rented 150 from Stebbins-the same plane that ran out of fuel and landed in a field a couple months ago. It was pretty cool flying a plane that had been through an emergency landing. Here is the NTSB report on the accident....
Also, this week Steve Fosset made the first solo, unrefuelled, nonstop, around the world flight in an airplane. Not sure when he left, but he landed yesterday in Salina, KS (w00t w00t Sting!!!!! 53 Days!!!!).
Anywho, I'm off to midnite madnes/whatever else I feel like doing...prolly post more later 2nite. Lata, people!

01 March 2005

Cool plane, cool paint scheme. Posted by Hello