31 January 2005

85 days.....:D Posted by Hello

30 January 2005

Another weekend...

Well this has been another weekend spent hanging out w/the rest of the 41 guys...last night we went went to Marshall (30 miles east of here, we go there cuz there is a theater that shows new movies for only 4.50) to see the movie Assault on Precinct 13. It was decent, lots of stuff it could have done without, but worth the 4.50 for an evenings entertainment. Wouldnt go see it again though. We also spent a lot of time just messing around the floor. Today I didn't do a whole lot...a bit of homework, put up posters for the upcoming Flight Team-sponsored DDR competition, played way too many games of snowcraft. We also held our first flight computer and SCAN practice today...it was a lil weird trying to get back used to stuff. 88 days....
The whole tone of this evening was a bit odd-I kept finding myself and others irrationally getting irritated at people-I think I just need to take a break from some of the floor people for a day or two before we drive eachother nuts. Ah well, sleepy time for me soon.
In closing, a worship song that I really like to listen to, and attempt in my own amusingly bad way to sing. Amazing how music and lyrics can have such an effect on a person's mood and emotions...
Be Thou My Vision
Be Thou my vision,
O Lord of my heart.
Naught be all else to me,
save that Thou art.
Thou my best thought,
by day or by night,
waking or sleeping,
Thy presence my light.

Riches I heed not,
nor man's empty praise,
Thou my inheritance,
now and always.
Thou and Thou only,
first in my heart,
High King of heaven,
my Treasure Thou art.

High King of heaven,
my Treasure Thou art.

27 January 2005

To Atlanta and back...in 1.5 hours!

Geez...its been a while since I last wrote because I've been really busy...LOTS of homework, studying, flying, etc. Today I flew my dual cross country with Mike-Atlanta, Marshall, and back to Longview in 1.5 hours. First time in the Skyhawk since I flew CAP over Christmas...theres a lot more to remember than the Citabria. Ah well, the flight went well, and he'll sign me off for some solo time :D Hmmm....not a lot else to write about...too much homework, not enough sleep, and plenty of flying. Oh yes, and flight team practice kicks off on Saturday, so I will officially have no life after this weekend. Ah well, I honestly can't imagine being anywhere else-LeTU rocks, the learnage that goes on here is great quality, and I have the most awsome guys on my floor...heres to the crazy crap that people say when they stay up too late! Anyways, time for some homework+lab reporting, and a late flight sim lab later.
Atlanta TX is about 50 miles NE of Longview

22 January 2005

Why we fly

Hmm...just an interesting convo from SAGA (Skippy's Attempt to Gag America) that I thought I'd put down....

Morris: "Man, the engineers can make lots of money straight out of school. Us aviation people are kinda screwed."
Me: "Yeah, you make not very much as an instructor, and only a little more at the regional airlines...barely scraping by...."
Aduma (our RA): "Well if the pay is so bad why are you in flying?"
Morris and I in unison: "Because we love it!!!"

Man, flying rocks.....:D:D:D:D

20 January 2005

School gets crazy....fun!

Today started to remind me of last semester's full days...Left for breakfast at 7:35 and didnt get back to my room for more than 2 minutes until after 6...at which point I took a nap until evening Fly Sci lab. During that time, I took my second flight in the Citabria. We did stalls, slow flight, and a couple steep turns (good fun in the little sports car of a spam can!). Mike also covered the airspeed indicator for the whole flight, it was surprisingly easy to fly w/o it. It just requires a lot more eye movement-out to the wingtips for attitude, checking altimeter, landmarks to hold your heading....but still great fun!!!!
And now-some random observations:
1. word to the wise: do NOT leave a banana in your backpack for a day and a half...it makes any book in there with it look really nasty after it squishes. And makes your backpack smell funny.
2. I just got a call from upstairs about my music-first time this semester. That makes I think a total of 5 so far this school year...

19 January 2005

Introvert's curse

I frustrate me so much sometimes....
I wonder how many good friendships I've missed out on having, or making better, by not being able to get past my introvert tendencies...

18 January 2005

Flying is my anti-drug.

Spent pretty much the whole 3 day weekend watching movies in the floor lounge (we had a massive surround sound system and projector set up)...and still managed to be ahead of everyone else in airframe electrical lab today (not sure how that worked). The movies were enjoyable, but not nearly as much so as the good friends to watch them with. Anyway, today I had my first flight in the Citabria, and was reminded of how much of a high flying can be-even though we didn't even leave the pattern. Just waiting for stalls next time.....*crazy grin* I was grinning the whole drive back to campus, probably aided by Michael (my crazy cool instructor)'s comments about my not too bad first taildragger landing. BTW, that's not the specific plane I fly, but it's the same kind... Posted by Hello

15 January 2005

Only at LeTourneau...

...would you see someone riding around on a recumbent tricycle they probably built themself.
...would they play a country music video in chapel.
...can you see people dueling with swords made from foam and PVC pipe. Every day.

13 January 2005


I scored a 73% on the "How Minnesotan are you?" Quizie! What about you?

Berm sliding!

It rained like crazy last night. I went berm sliding with Emily, it was gread muddy fun! If anyone else feels inclined to try it, 2 things: wear long pants and beware of fire ants!

11 January 2005

Time for more learning w00t. (105 days)

Well hey everyone! I'm back at LeTU, we started classes today. Fly Sci II and aviation meteorology in the morning, then a long break before airframe electrical lab (3 PM) and an even longer one before Fly Sci II lab (805-9 PM ugh!) . tomorrow I hit the rest of my classes....intro to aircraft systems at 7:20 AM, then Intro to systems and airfram electrical classroom schtuff, and CAD. the fun (or insanity?[is there a difference?]) doesnt really begin till I start flying (w00t for the taildraggers!!!!!!!!) and Flight Team practice (GO STING!!!!!) starts again.

So anyway...it is good to be back here and hanging out with my friends from LeTU again. I had almost forgotten exactly how much fun the rest of the dorm 41 dudes are and the crazyness that goes down around the floor.....Bonzai and his friggin computer pranks. Also, we got a couple new guys, at least one of whom is very cool, he's another pilot going through LeTU indoctrination.

in reflection....today i found a reason to be glad i'm single....all the guys on the floor who aren't are talking about how much they miss their g/fs and wish they could come visit etc.....and i'm just excited to be back here, with all the stuff i mentioned-friends, floor craziness, flying, and flight team (105 days till nationals in Salina, KS!!!!!!!!)....so much awsomeness here @ LeTU! so with that cheery thought, its almost time to take a shower and hit the sack before that 7:20 AM lab.

01 January 2005

My neck hurts....

well hey people-
I haven't written anything in a while....like dial up at home and breaks at the liberry are just too short after eating lunch...

so anyway, lessee.....Christmas was good, after spending most of the day with my fam, then me and my brothers (Izak and Will) and the dudes who are practically my brothers (Tim and Travis) playing Apples to Apples till like 12:30..next day we went to my grampa's in St. Peter.

most of the rest of the week was boring...work+hang out with tim and travis. I've been wanting to go flying, but the weather just hasnt cooperated. cold as all get out the week i got back, then it turned to hardcore IFR for a couple days. hopefully we'll get either some good flying weather or some snow this last week (its looked more like Minne-no-snow-ta lately). I spose if we dont get good flying weather it doesnt really matter cuz i'll be flying when i get back to school (w00t!!!!)

ah now the part about mad fun....
for new years eve, i drove to the twin cities and hung out with the AWANA ppl at ashley's house for a bit, then headed off to the Skillet concert with Lindblads...and Sarah, who decided to go at the last minute, and made the evening much more enjoyable for me (cheers for being asked not once, not twice, but THREE times if we were siblings!). the show itself wasnt as good as the last skillet show i went to-there were only like 150 people, and not many were really into the show...but Skillet played well anyway and i had a good time (woohoo for autographed posters...haha new dorm decoration). after the show we all went to a party and had some snacks for a lil bit, then back to Lindblad's to watch the ball drop in Times Square. About then was when Kristen decided to put in Jimmy Neutron (funny movie, at least after midnight of a long fun day)

after i drove home today, spent pretty much the whole day reading....books of the day:
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Prince Caspian
The Horse and His Boy
yay for a beanbag chair and some good books. well, its about time to sign off, or at least devote my full attention to the IM convos, so......
*Kroger Out*