22 December 2004

more homieness...

in the continuing story of my first time home since august, on monday i went to a CAP meeting. it was really weird being there just as a guest instead of being involved in running the whole thing. Katie, who left for the navy like 7 months ago, dropped in too. North Star squadron has still got some of the same problems i dealt with over the 4 years i spent there-not enough people, not hard core enough, blah blah blah.

Tuesday was my first day back at work-i knew for sure i was back at the liberry when 2 of the homeless bums got in a screaming fight and got kicked out. the joys of the public liberry...

Wednesday, more work, then went to the awana christmas party, we ate pizza and hung out. mandi got into a debate with eric dunham...then i went home and hung out with my bro izak, we played battleship, drank chai, and listened to relient k.

right now, its break time at the liberry, then later today i might hang out with joel roggenkamp, one of the few people still around who were in north star back when i joined. he is coming down from duluth for the weekend. then later im hanging with some of the sartellians...mandi and katie, and garret (my long distance counselor, lol). well i best be getting back to the shelves......

19 December 2004


Hey all, I'm back in St. Cloud. Had a good coupla days at Anvil's, came home yesterday. I'm staying downstairs, which in my absence my bro has turned into an awsome music listening room with a computer with mp3s, a good set of speakers, and mood lighting. pretty awsome, gets a little chilly at times though. Today I went to church and a Christmas partay. It was so cool to see everyone at church again...of course I was asked the question, "So how is college?" about 41 times. Thinking back on the semester...I love it. LeTourneau really fits me well...all the cool aviation classes, nerdiness with a lot of fun mixed in. Flight team, Operation Santa bin Laden, floor and sister floor fun....and now I get to be back in STC for a couple weeks to hang with all the people from back here.

Because Minnesota is just that cool, and it is 12 days to Skillet.

Oh that reminds me...you know you're a panhead when you change your class schedule to accommodate a Skillet show...I did it...changed my flight lab that was Monday-Wednesday...haha!

14 December 2004

Magnetic course: 357

357 degrees-magnetic course from KGGG (longview) to KSTC (saint cloud). though i'll be following a more circuitous route, it's good to think of going home. although, i have a feeling that after 3 weeks at home i'll be ready to head back to LeTU. This is my last post before i leave tomorrow. it could be the last one until i come back to school, what with dial up at home and all, though i will try to figure out that whole email a post thing. anyway, i had a 7:30 foundational concepts of aviation final this morning, then spent the day cleaning and messing around. after i'm done here, i'll help out Igloo with the "making of operation: santa bin laden" documentary. not particularly concerned about staying up too late tonight-although i have a final at 7:30 tomorrow morning, it is all straight from the gleim private pilot written test book. well, good night, if i dont post before christmas, merry christmas to all as reads this, and see LeTU in the new year and new semester!

13 December 2004

You know you're an aviation nerd when you think of these airplanes when you hear Viper and Mustang, instead of thinking of cars. Posted by Hello

OOOooooo planes.....

Me and my roomie, AnviL, were looking at www.airliners.net today. Three HOTT planes in that pic...F-15 Eagle, P-51 Mustang, and A-10 Warthog..... Posted by Hello

2 finals left.....

Well, after a very enjoyable weekend, today started finals....woohoo....

Sunday I wrote 2 pages of my final Bible paper....on punk rock music (finished it today. its quite interesting, and my bro Will, the punk of the family, found sections of it hysterical). I'm probably the first person to write an entire Biblical Foundations ethics paper on punk rock.

Today I had my first class final (lab finals were Friday, w00t), DC Electricity...tomorrow is FCAS, and Wednesday is Fly Sci, both at 7:30 AM (suck!) . Home on Saturday.....definitely looking forward to that, and the new semester in January. Skillet show in 18 days! Cambridge, MN! I'll post pix on here when I come back to school.

For whatever reason, today was a Kids In The Way day. They have become one of my favorite bands, I'm looking forward to their sophomore disc in the spring.

Kids In The Way~Phoenix With A Heartache
It's a bone cold night.
I'm breathing in the air.
It's freezing up my lungs,
as I fight for words to share with you,
to tell you what you've done to me.
You ripped me from my set in stone complacency.

You rose from the ashes Like a phoenix with a heartache.
Now you're taking me away with you tonight and I know that I can't fly.
But when I'm in your arms, I'm holding up the sky.

11 December 2004

Late nights and pre-final boredom

Aargh.....the lack of pre-finals homework is causing mass boredom among the many lightly-loaded freshmen on campus. Good: that means lots of time for hanging out and fun things like movies w/the rest of 41, lattes, IHOP, and stargazing. Bad: it is boredom. Ah well, finals start on Monday, then home on Saturday.

I don't know what else to write....I'm tired and happy and ready to get some sleep before church tomorrow.

*Narf is good for stargazing, eh Q?*

09 December 2004

Yay for coffee.

Another week almost over, FCAS done, 2 lab tests tomorrow...
Wow, life has moved fast this semester. Tomorrow ends classes for this semester, and begins finals (labs). I'm so glad...in some ways I can't wait for next semester(yes, I'm weird). I especially miss flying, I haven't flown since that day with Kirby. Citabria in the spring baybee....

On Sunday, 41 unveiled our Christmas decorations, the product of Santa bin Laden. We astonished the campus with our transformation of our lounge into the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse. pictures are available here. It proved so popular we reopened it today for a while and let people back in, including 2 profs and the university chaplain.

BTW, the last post day was December 7th. Pearl Harbor Day. If you didn't remember it then, take some time now and thank God for all the people who gave their lives there and in the rest of WWII. Advance notice: the next obscure day to remember is December 17th. Try to figure out what it is before then. ;)

A random quote:
"She would have been a really cool friend if she hadn't become my stalker!"~AnviL

Yay for $1 lattes, frogs on a stick, and hammocks....

07 December 2004

Do you know what today is?

63 years ago today, something important happened. Remember what it was, and take a minute to think about it.

05 December 2004

Hmm....this is the only pic I have of my side of the room...digicam for Christmas anyone?  Posted by Hello

2 weeks from now, home!

woohoo! 2 tests and a paper out of the way this week. Only 2 papers (for Bible), 1 test (fly sci), 2 lab finals, and 2 other finals....then home. I got my Skillet ticket in the mail today!!! *does happy monkey dance*

Anyway, yesterday after all my classes and labs were over, I came back to the room and hung out for a while...actually don't remember what all I did the whole time. Later, I called Sarah and we talked for a while. Then, I went to MSC for coffee and to see A Christmas Story. That movie was really funny, if occasionally a little twisted. Today was consumed in sleep and Santa bin Laden, with some rollerblading and lotsa IM ing thrown in. Rollerblading was really fun...I went after dark for one. Also, there is this driveway that leaves the parking lot for my rez hall.....it slants downhill and turns a couple times, so you get some good speed while taking these 90 degree turns. Fun!

Aaaaaahhhhh.....its too late....time for me to go to bed if I'm gonna wake up for church tomorrow(actually today)....monday begins the last week of classes!

01 December 2004

Two fools, a 152, and some severe clear weather

Some things I do seem so pointless now....examples: Bible, no more tests and the lecture has almost nothing to do with our papers; FCAS, we're just watching the 777 video thing; and chapel-I dunno why I go...kinda just become a habit so now that I have all my credits, I keep going. Ah well, those are good homework times for other classes, like DC electricity.

Now to the fun part....after like 3 straight weeks of rain, the weather was severe clear, no wind, and beautifully cool. As I was leaving lunch I mentioned to Kirby (another guy on my floor who has his pilot licence, but hes not an aero sci major) that today would be a perfect day to go flying. He said he had some money his mom had set aside just for flying, so we went out to Stebbins and rented a 152. For any non-aviation people, that is smaller, two seat airplane similar to the 4 seat Cessna 172 I usually fly. It was fun flying something different-up till today, all my time was in 172s. I did a couple stalls (dropped a wing on one of them and almost scared Kirby to death) and slow flight (down to about 20 knots.....), then buzzed over to Rusk County. He had flown a 152 before and told me to fly final at 65 knots, resulting in major floatage. After we got down, I saw the plaque that says "final approach speed with flaps: 60 knots" After that, my landings were much better. Also did a couple viking takeoffs from GGG, which was a rush. Scared Kirby again, this time thinking we would strike the prop on the runway. Ah, so much fun...then since the weather was good enough, went rollerblading when I got back....and eventually did some cornerstones paper work....and a writing break for some foosball (NOT fuzeball) and coffee in MSC 1.

Music for Christmastime: Relient K's cd Deck the Hall, Bruise Your Hand. The boys of RK take on Christmas music with a punk tinge, and those carols will never be the same. here's an RK original, Santa Claus is Thumbing to Town:

It was the night before Christmas,
And up at the North Pole,
Everybody's going crazy;
Everything's out of control.

The toy shop is on fire,
The toys melting on the shelves,
And you can hear Mrs. Claus scream,
"One can never trust those elves!"

Unless something drastic happens fast,
Say hello to the ghost of Christmas past.
Because, mistletoe and boughs of holly!
Old Saint Nick ain't all that jolly.
And the sleigh's in the shop.
'Cause it's broken down,
But Christmas won't stop
'Cause Santa Claus is thumbing to town
Santa Claus is thumbing to town
Santa Claus is thumbing to town
Santa Claus is thumbing to town

Very much to his disliking,
Santa spends all night hitch-hiking.
With a sign that reads, "Ho ho slow down,"
Santa Claus is thumbing to town.

Every car just drove right past him,
And sped right out of sight.
Santa never got to ask them
To drive around the world in just one night.

So Kris Kringle started walkin'
Through the snow without his sleigh,
Shed a tear for every stocking
That would be empty Christmas day.

Unless something drastic happens fast,
Say hello to the ghost of Christmas past.
Because, mistletoe and boughs of holly!
Old Saint Nick ain't all that jolly.
And the sleigh's in the shop
'Cause it's broken down,
But Christmas won't stop
'Cause Santa Claus is thumbing to town